Artwork available for purchase.

It is Amanda’s aim is to portray a sense of vulnerability in her paintings, exposing the struggles, hopes and fears of her subject. She believes that it is when we show our true selves to the world that we are at our most vulnerable and most beautiful. Her use of colour, texture and layering is an attempt to generate an emotional, reminiscent feeling in the viewer, illustrating, what she believes, is the great beauty in imperfection.

Inspired by huge personal life change, Amanda’s abstract work is an escape from the ‘shackles’ and expected roles of life…a visual breaking free from what it ‘supposed to be’ and a step into authenticity. Amanda continues to explore the emotions generated by layering, texture and colour in her abstract work, whilst also enjoying the freedom and spontaneity the process provides.

Amanda Hebden was born in London, England. She studied Fine Art at the University College for the Creative Arts in Surrey, for three years, prior to moving to Melbourne with her family in 2008. Since then she has painted ceaselessly and has exhibited at many art shows and group exhibitions in Melbourne and on the Mornington Peninsula, winning several prizes. She now has work represented by galleries in Melbourne and Victoria.

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