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I was Deirdre Macdonald, class of 1960. The only one of the twelve year 12 students studying art under Miss Harper.

I went on to university where I enrolled in Arts, was only interested on psychology but did very little, as my main focus was on the theatre. I didn’t complete my degree and went on to be an actress, working in many TV and stage shows through the 1960s.

I didn’t return to to art until the 1990s when I took up sculpture. I worked in many different medias including bronze, concrete, steel and resins and was successful and gaining in reputation when I suffered iatrogenic brain injuries in 2000 and was unable to work for 15 years. Before that I was represented in the Maryborough, Gasworks, and Ceres Park public exhibitions for many years and also in many private galleries here and in Adelaide. My last solo exhibition was at the BMG Gallery in Adelaide in early 2000.

In late 2014 I tentatively took up a piece of clay believing that playing with mud might help restore my growing confidence that I had overcome, at least to some extent, the impact of my injuries. I made a little ceramic bird called Jennifer.

I am now working exclusively in ceramics.

I am a figurative and narrative sculptor and am presently experimenting down several pathways. I have recently been accepted into the Clearwater Sculpture Prize Exhibition in Queanbeyan, my first public exhibition since 2000, with an installation of 12 “Fantasmagorial Birds”.

The works here are a cross section of styles, some from the past, such as the “heartworks” and jesters, others going down new tracks – How and where they’re going, I don’t know, I’m just glad to be working again.

I’m also a writer – the injuries stopped my novel writing, (I had a publishing contract in the US when it began), but I was still able to write many successful short stories and plays until further iatrogenic injuries put a stop to that in 2010. Following neurological rehabilitation in 2015-16, I am hoping my ongoing recovery and time will allow me to resume that too.

I have two grown sons and three little grandsons whom I adore, though one lives in Boston, USA and I haven’t hugged him yet.

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