Artwork available for purchase.

I work in my home studio in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and two children.

My upbringing has been a huge influence on who I am and my artwork. My parents were Greek immigrants who were determined on pursuing the Aussie dream of owning a business. While they were absorbed in making their dream a reality, I’d I spend countless hours conjuring up stories, indulging in imaginative play and performing outrageous skits.

As an artist I am essentially a visual storyteller. Nothing satisfies me more than telling a story or at least setting the scene for one to unfold. Within the layers and pattern work, there is always a playful story to be found.

Acrylic paint is my medium of choice as it flows so beautifully. My work, however, is not limited to paint alone. For texture and depth I use natural materials such as lime, plaster and clay. These combined with varying patterns create an earthiness and sense of peace.

There are so many things that inspire me every day. From a swirl of colour in a teacup to a line in a song. I do hope the stories I tell through my art inspire you.

Finally, I would love to say a big Thank You to those whom have purchased my Art. It is an honour that someone has chosen something that I value to be a part of their personal space. I assure you that each piece is approached with much love, care and reflection.  My sole purpose is always to quietly brighten up your space.

Join us at our launch party

Fri 25 November at 7.00pm til late

Live music / canapés / beverages