Artwork available for purchase.

Heather has an extensive background in exploring the arts, typically through photorealist portraits. Through adopting resin as her new medium, Heather has been able to free herself from documenting detailed form and be lead by her creative intuition. Despite the abstract nature of her work, there is always an underlying theme derived from her deep connection with the natural landscape.

Studio 16 Art – A couple based in Melbourne Australia –Heather and Jimmy Scarff seek to explore the rhythmic sensations of nature through the untamed, elusive medium of resin. Their immersive, abstract creations offer a highly charged, concoction of colour and rippling movement. The intensity of their work is witnessed on an almost microscopic level of detail, offering a chance to get lost in the beauty of chaos.

Join us at our launch party

Fri 25 November at 7.00pm til late

Live music / canapés / beverages