Artwork available for purchase.

Jen is a painter living and working in Melbourne with over 25 years experience painting contemporary art.

“My work is primarily the result of a deep need to paint, to become lost in the singular thought of the buttery texture of oil paint. Hours pass in a trance and blur of colours and end on a high”. Jen is not afraid to use colour and brightness to stimulate and engage the viewer to look closely and have fun with the art.

She defines her art as spontaneous but intentional, painting with uninhibited quick broad strokes of her brush. Each work is a series of layers until the final image has built up to bring dimension to the surface.

Jen’s imagery is intended to be fresh, alive and to allow the viewer to continually discover new aspects in her work. Creating paintings is part of Jen’s everyday life as a full time Artist. “Colour to me is everything. What excites me is creating works that capture a luminous mix of rich intense colours and texture.”

Jen’s paintings are full of light and seductive brushwork to enliven the senses of the viewer. Her work currently focuses on the freedom of birds, the beauty of flowers, relations between people around her and the moods of the landscape. Her paintings are often not a literal representation; images evolve from her dreams, memory, nature and imagination.

“For me, it is important that my art should bring pleasure to the viewer. I have a pure love of paint and strive to create works that capture vivid beauty using the language of colour. This is an idea that I will pursue for a lifetime”.


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