Artwork available for purchase.

Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday.

That saying above, that’s my motto. All things considered, life is pretty good.  With three ‘tweenage’ daughters, I have to remind myself not to sweat the small stuff.  Sometimes its hard, other times I just lock myself in my studio and switch off.

I am a Melbourne-based artist who creates unique 3-dimensional artworks from paper.  The technique is called ‘quilling’, or ‘paper filligree’ and I have taught myself everything I know about the artform.  I find inspiration from symbols, their meaning and how we connect to them.  I love colour and try to use the full rainbow of colours in my designs.  I’m probably best known for my vibrant floral designs.

I love art that has depth and texture, that draws you in and makes you want to reach out and touch it, or look at it so closely that you leave your nose print on the glass.

I’ve been married to Bernie since 2000, or since August 2014 if you want to count our vow-renewal in Vegas, and we have 3 daughters, 14 year-old Marley, 12 year-old twins, Shaini and Peri, and a Groodle, Mo.

Join us at our launch party

Fri 25 November at 7.00pm til late

Live music / canapés / beverages