Artwork available for purchase.

Recently my family and I moved to a former dairy farm overlooking the plains of the Macquarie River in Dubbo, NSW. We have five children, with the youngest starting school this year. I had studied art many years ago, however, with my busy lifestyle I put my passion on hold. Inspired by my new outlook and more time, I embraced my innate desire to create art.

Abstracts and animals are a reoccurring theme in my works. In lieu of depicting a realistic environment or subject matter, I approach my art instinctively and let a conglomerate of mediums and colour produce a modern and contemporary layered aspect to my pieces. My work is often inspired by my rural life combined with my former city life.

I utilize a range of mediums from oils, acrylics, pastels, inks, charcoals and aerosols, to pages of old novels and newspapers. I always begin with gestured drips to convey the subject matter and build upon my pieces. Through my practice I correlate the relationship of my quintessential Australian life epitomizing the intrinsic link between my life and art.

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