Artwork available for purchase.

Mardi has worked in various creative design fields throughout her 35 year career, including graphic, visual and image design, but discovered that painting provided the most favourable arena for the self-expression of her creative instincts, as well as a fulfilment and freedom not previously experienced with the other modalities. During this journey of self-discovery she was fortunate to have had the guidance and mentoring of some well-known artists and illustrators. Their influences have helped her evolve and grow immensely as a practising artist. This impact is evident with her recent body of work where we find her employing traditional methods and techniques using high quality oil paints, meticulously applied in a very controlled and precise manner, layering opaque and transparent glazes over a period of weeks and months to produce her studies of commonplace objects, which could be easily described as ‘contemporary classics’.

“My inspiration was to capture the beauty of the ’everyday’ that surrounds us and often goes unnoticed. By magnifying the detail and tonal subtleties of my composition onto the canvas I find I am able to invite the viewer’s attention. Keeping the composition contemporary with clean simple lines, and limiting the colour palette, enhances the appreciation.”

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