Artwork available for purchase.

Melanie’s vibrant palette which she uses, liberally, reflects a personal perception of her mental views. Believing that the magic of being an artist, is that with the stroke of a brush and bright colour pigments, she is able to breathe life into her works and transpose them into reality.

The vibrance of the Indian ocean, on the edge of which she spent her youth, has inspired Melanie to use its ever-changing light, shadows and geometric patterns in her works. Her love and experimentation of textures too, intensifies the depth of what she depicts through art.

Trained at the Cape Technical School in Cape Town in an Art Diploma, she is able to create abstract colour finished in heavy textures which are the reason for her ever growing popularity and sales.

In her latest series, internal feelings allow her to depict expressionism lending the colour and shades to this series. In an attempt to capture the emotional realism of a scene, she combines vibrant colour with heavy texture to get her work to reach out giving a defined 3 d effect of depth.

Brimful of the force of life, each work is a little part of her and hopes that she can have the opportunity of sharing these expressions with you.

In 2004 Melanie was invited to exhibit with 2003 Archibald winner Geoff Dyer at Aarwun Gallery ACT during which her total stock of work was sold out.

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