Artwork available for purchase.

Tegan is a visual artist and illustrator living in Melbourne, Australia.

A self taught artist, she creates contemporary abstract works, using acrylic on canvas and textured artists paper. She also creates mixed media pieces incorporating oils, pastel and sometimes metallic leaf into her work.

Inspiration for her original paintings extend from emotion, design, nature, travel, interiors, minerals and natural materials, textiles and their beautiful colours and textures. Her desire to create balance and a calm centre in her life through her art sees this energy pour into her work. It is often felt immediately and described as very soothing.

She passionately explores design through small works, experimenting with colour palettes but tends to paint freely letting her mind be still and the brush lead her. She enjoys the creative process, not focused on the end result, seeing her be swept away for hours at a time in her work. Learning from so called “mistakes” on canvas, these are the details that become the soul of the piece.

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